Boot Camp Prep Program: Max Your PFT

Take a proactive step to becoming physically prepared for boot camp, and specifically, the PFT. The mental challenge of boot camp you cannot prepare for necessarily, but you can show up as a strong specimen with iron cardio.

Marine Corps veteran, strength & conditioning coach and gym owner, Greg Napolitan has created just the program for you. Specifically programmed to ensure the new recruit is physically ready for the challenge ahead.

Increase your strength base with barbell basics, progressively improve your cardio, and work on specifics like mastering the pull-up.

The program is done entirely on your own fitness app, and its included in the plan. Your workouts, along with video tutorials, daily tips and challenges, progress tracking and a messaging feature – is all on your phone.

Since the PFT has objective numbers to hit, it is possible to design a progressive program to MAX those numbers. You’ll have enough to worry about in boot camp, so don’t let your fitness be one more thing to stress about.

You will get a customized program based on your branch, age and gender. Also included is guidance on the criteria for the MAX PFT score for each. You won’t just pass the PFT, you’ll crush it!

You’ll get:

  • Access to an S&C coach and a veteran who’s gone through it.
  • Your own fitness app.
  • Customized workout plans that are continually adjusted based on your performance.
  • Pride that you put in the work to show up prepared.

Not signed up for the Military yet? Still not sure on which branch is right for you? Visit: to review some of the material they have. It’s a great resource.

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