4 Simple Principles to Start Losing Weight

You are going to focus on these four principles this week and moving forward to lose fat.⁠


Seriously – just these 4.⁠

You don’t need to worry about supplements, meal timing, cardio, or any other crap. Don’t let any of those get in the way of these 4 principles.

1) A calorie deficit. Eat less food than you burn. Set your calorie target 🎯 at 12x your bodyweight and monitor your body over the course of two weeks. Stick to that calorie number diligently, if you’re seeing results, keep going. If you’re not, decrease the number a little.⁠

2) Aim for protein at 1g per lb of bodyweight. This will help you maintain your calorie deficit. Protein foods 🥩🍗🍳 (not shakes) are quite satiating and will help you stay full. A higher protein diet also has a slightly more thermic effect and will help maintain your muscles while dieting.⁠

3) Strength training is your best friend during this process 💪 . You don’t want to be a skinny mini with no definition and you definitely don’t want to be skinny fat. That’s where a strength training routine is essential 🏋️‍♀️. Building those curves and definition can’t happen with strength training and building muscle.⁠

4) Equally as important is your rest and recovery. You need sleep to be at your best each day. The more tired you are, the more your workouts suffer, the hungrier you are, the less recovered your muscles are and that makes the process more difficult. Turn off your screens an hour before bed, make sure your room is dark, and aim for 7 hours 😴.⁠

Think you can crush these four things this week?

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