MAX The PFT Program Highlights

The following program highlights are what you can expect with the MAX The PFT Basic Training prep program. The outline assumes you have access to basic barbells and appropriate space for compound movements. Although body-weight workouts are an option in this program if you do not have access to a gym or weightlifting equipment, it is not optimal in building strength. But no worries, Warriors adapt and overcome! You will have the opportunity to select the body-weight option after sign-up.

Initial PFT

Establish fitness baseline

Strength Foundation

Deadlifts, Overhead Presses, Squats and Bench Press. No vanity exercises here. The focus is pure strength and the addition of lean muscle mass.


You will receive basic nutrition guidelines. Nothing earth shattering, but compliance is monitored in your app before moving to the next nutrition habit.


Several different modes of cardio will be progressively assigned. Designed to ultimately achieve the highest score for the run portion for your Branch’s PFT.

Skill Practice

Chin ups and sit ups/crunches involve strength and stamina, but they also require PRACTICE to get really good, and efficient with them. You will take your newfound strength and cardio and fine tune your technique to achieve the highest marks in this portion of the PFT.

Final PFT

Your 8 weeks of training will be put to the final test!