Conditioning from Your Strength and Conditioning Coach

At GN Strength & Conditioning, strength is the cornerstone of every client’s training program. Whether your goal is increased strength, physique transformation, or weight loss, the increase or preservation of lean body mass is critical.  Adherence to a sound nutrition plan, specific to the client’s goals, is also a very important component to success. Once the strength training and nutrition pieces are firmly established, conditioning may be strategically introduced to round out a program. When used logically and sparingly, conditioning provides an additional tool to achieve desired results.

How Conditioning May Be Implemented:

For personal training clients, a conditioning exercise may be used at the end of a strength training workout once or twice a week. This may be done to improve the work capacity of a trainee who is several months into a program and now hitting a plateau. It may also be used for physique or strength trainees who need some additional calorie expenditure for minor weight loss or muscle definition.

For our nutrition clients, conditioning sessions may be used as a separate add-on service to aid in their weight loss program. These clients typically have over 25 lbs to lose, and need accountability, community, and incentive to push through a tough workout.

For the general public, GN Strength & Conditioning occasionally offers conditioning programs for those looking for a challenging workout. These sessions are typically held outside of the gym, scheduled early mornings to beat the heat, and run 3 times per week for some specified amount of time (8 weeks, 12 weeks, etc.)

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