Transform Your Physique with a Personal Trainer

Our physique transformation program is for those who wish to have a better overall figure. Whether you are looking to build muscle mass or reduce fat, a program will be customized for you based on your goals, abilities, and personality.

What to Expect from the Program

  • Behavioral change regarding food is a large part of this program. Learning about nutrition, understanding the weekly goals – and most importantly – identifying obstacles that might knock you off track before they happen. Your coach will help guide and support you each session, while taking the guesswork out of diet strategy, whether you need to lose weight or gain it.
  • Training programs will be created for you and your strength and conditioning coach will take you through three sessions per week.
  • Regular body measurements will be taken to ensure progress continues. Before and after photos, body part measurements, and body weight are a few of our go-tos for objectively measuring success. In addition, an increased awareness will be developed by the trainee to gauge success on the “my clothes are fitting better” realization. Most weight loss clients need to make the transition from obsessing about the scale weight, to visually identifying that they look better.
  • Adjustments will be continuously applied as the trainee progresses.

The key factors of your success in the Physique Transformation Program are the following:

  1. Show Up
  2. Work Hard
  3. Trust Your Coach
  4. Repeat #1