S3| Nutrition & Training Program to Build Strength & Size

About S3:

S3 is a 12-week online program focusing on nutrition and strength training geared toward increasing strength and size. Group sizes will be limited to 5 people and will meet bi-weekly with their coach over Zoom video conferences.  Each week will focus on a different topic of interest for participants to learn the habits needed for growth, to stay accountable, and receive help problem solving any roadblocks.

Who is it for:

S3 (Strength. Size. Simple.) is a 12-week, straightforward, no-nonsense program designed for underweight athletes who want to improve in their respective sport. It is also appropriate for adults who want to add lean body mass for improved health, to continue participating in their physical hobbies, to improve their physique or to just look menacing to their daughter’s new boyfriend (grrrr!).

Benefits of Increased Strength & Size:

Strength is the ability to produce force against an external object. Since we are living in a physical world, we are constantly exerting force against something, whether it be a massive football opponent on the offensive line, or whether it is the ground as we go for a leisurely stroll. Increasing one’s strength gives us the ability to improve (or make easier) any physical task we take on.  In addition, power, or strength displayed quickly, is a close derivative of strength, and greatly improves our athleticism in sports, self-defense, demanding jobs or just our self-confidence.   Size is the outward appearance that someone is strong. Often, but not always, one who is larger typically has more strength. When combined, strength and size provide us the opportunity to be the best version of ourselves.

Nutrition. How it Works:

The S3 nutrition portion of the program is basic, behavioral approach to gaining strength and size. Each client receives an individualized nutrition analysis, created by me, at the beginning of the program. This report outlines the desired daily portions of each food category (macros), with sample recipes, easy to follow portion guides (no weighing or calorie counting) and a food buying guide for the best results. The nutrition portion of the program is based on solid nutrition science and will not cover advanced dieting strategies or the latest “internet voodoo”. Action-based habit building that the participant can use for life will be the aim for this program.

Training. How it Works:

At minimum, participants need access to a few pieces of training equipment to perform barbell exercises. Training can be done either in a basement/garage set-up or commercial gym setting (discounts are available for local trainees who wish to train with a coach at my facility).

  1. Barbell with weights
  2. Bench
  3. Power rack, half rack or stand for squatting, overhead pressing and bench pressing
  4. A platform or stall mats for floor protection during deadlifts
  5. A chin up bar (on power rack, doorway bar or other DIY method)

Participants will be provided a strength training program designed to be run 3x per week. The focus will be the big barbell lifts (squat, deadlift, bench press, overhead press). Weight on the bar will go up each session (linear progression) in order to pack on lean mass while getting strong as hell. As the lifter progresses, other exercises may be added based on weak points and lifter’s preference (rows, chins, curls, tricep extensions etc). For this type of training, 3x per week is all that is necessary, as dialing in nutrition and recovery becomes crucial to maximize results.

I will provide technique instruction on the exercises, and the trainee can record their sessions in order to get feedback in order to improve technique.

Stop spinning your wheels on cut-and-paste workout and nutrition plans from “online experts”. This program is hands on, provides you with everything you need, AND you get a small community of people who are trying to achieve the same goals as you.  What are you waiting for?!


This 3-month program is only $57 per month, billed monthly!!

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