Strength Training For People Over 40 | Kalamazoo Personal Trainer

You know strength is important, but you’re busy….

…. And you don’t know where to begin

….. You dislike crowded gyms (and this COVID thing!)

You’d also like to lose some weight while you’re at it….

…. I wish I could find someone who could who could coach me in both areas

Look no further…..

GN Strength & Conditioning, located in Portage, Mi offers personal training AND nutrition coaching…specifically for those over 40.

Greg is a certified personal trainer, experienced strength coach, and a Precision Nutrition L1 coach. He offers private and small group training at his gym to fit YOUR schedule, as well as a habit based, scientific approach to improving your nutrition and meeting your health goals.

Clients will learn proper technique on all exercises appropriate for their abilities, receive encouragement and accountability, benefit from expert programming and your own nutrition app to help you when your not in the gym.

Clients of the PN coaching program show how amazing transformations are possible with a coach who is committed to your success.

If you’re looking for a coach that understands the physiology of men and women over 40, and have a desire to look and feel better, contact me today for more info!


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