Strength Training in Kalamazoo is Beneficial to Athletes

While strength training has been proven to help athletes to perform better, there are still some skeptics when it comes to its overall benefits and efficacy. In this post, we will discuss some of those benefits and why strength training with a strength training coach in Kalamazoo should be a part of every athlete’s regimen.

Reducing Injuries

While injuries cannot be wholly prevented by strength training, it can prevent them in some cases or reduce the severity. This is because strength training with an experienced strength coach results in more resilient musculo-tendon that can stand up to more stress and impact in both male and female athletes.

Improving Flexibility

Contrary to popular believe, strength training does not make athletes more stiff or robotic. In strength training, we focus on muscles paths and the mobility and flexibility of the muscle structure. Also, having more flexibility is another way that strength training reduces injury in athletes.

Improving Body Composition

Your body composition is indicated by the relative amount of lean tissue versus fat that is in the body. By strength training and building muscle, you are improving your body’s composition, are able to perform more efficiently, and are overall healthier.

Increasing Resting Metabolism

In general, every pound of added muscle burns an extra 30 or 40 calories in a day while you are resting. In fact, three pounds of added muscle can actually increase your resting metabolic rate by seven percent. Simply put, added muscle makes your body more efficient even when at rest.

Increasing Power

There is a reason our Power Athlete Program is one of our most popular programs. When a proper program is put together by a strength training coach in Kalamazoo based on the specific needs of the athlete’s sport and position, power and explosiveness is the result.

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