Train from Home with an Online Coach

At GN Strength and Conditioning we provide you with more than a work-out, we provide you with a long-term plan for a healthy lifestyle, including our online training. We understand that it can be hard to make it to a gym with work, kids, and everything else that people have going on. It shouldn’t have to be a chore to be healthy and with our personal training, it doesn’t have to be. With our online coaching program, you can talk with a licensed coach from the comfort of your home.

This type of coaching program is also great for those who own their own fitness equipment and/or weights at home. Or, if you are already a member of a gym but desire a little more guidance to your programming and some feedback on your technique to ensure that you are doing it properly.

Online Coaching

With our online training, you still receive the same attention as if you were at the gym while also being flexible with your schedule. This means that your schedule is entirely up to you and what works best with your lifestyle. With our online coaching, you will receive

  • Regular check-ins with your trainer
  • A program planned for you and your goals
  • Easy to gauge your goal tracking
  • A workout calendar with daily workouts that you can access through your phone app or on desktop, depending on your preference
  • You can record your exercises so that it can be reviewed by your trainer for technique before your next session
  • Access to your personal trainer through your fitness app’s messaging system on a weekly basis

Not only does this coaching program include training and nutritional information, but it only runs $169 a month with a 3-month commitment! For personal training, this is very affordable and is a fraction of the face-to-face pricing. We also run other programs that can vary in cost dependent on your needs.

If you are interested in GN Strength’s coaching programs, do not hesitate to fill out one of our online applications available here. On this application we will ask you questions such as your willingness to build on habits, your commitment to 3 months, and how much time you can donate to your online training. If you are not sure that this is the right habit for you, contact us using our online form or call us at (269) 350-5965.



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