Welcome to GN Strength & Conditioning

A private training gym specializing in personal training and nutrition coaching to reach your goals in a safe, supportive and encouraging environment.

We offer a multitude of training and nutrition programs, which are all customized to meet your goals, interests, abilities and lifestyle.

As a client of GN Strength & Conditioning, you will receive a customized training program designed to get you the results you are after. Each session you will be coached in a private or semi-private setting, with expert instruction on how to perform each exercise correctly.

Clients from all walks of life have had success through this personalized approach. Teenagers, senior citizens, male and female, as well as beginners who have never trained before – all have been amazed of what they accomplish.

About Us

We are a private gym that provides professional, safe, and effective in-person and online coaching to get you healthy and strong.

Our Programs

Our in-person and online coaching programs are tailored to the individual with a focus on proper technique.

Your First Visit

It all starts with an initial FREE consult to identify the correct program for you. In-person or over Zoom.

Tiered Plans

GN Strength & Conditioning has many coaching options to accommodate your schedule, interests and goals.

In Person Coaching
In-Person Coaching
Online Coaching
Online Coaching

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Meet your coach

Greg Napolitan

Coach, Owner

Greg is a strength and nutrition coach and owner of GN Strength & Conditioning. With more than six years of experience working with clients – and over 35 years of training experience – Greg is passionate about helping people realize the real and objective results that can come with a properly designed training program and perfect exercise technique.


“I was skeptical about doing some of the exercises in Greg’s strength program because squatting always hurts my knees. In one session, he showed me what I was doing wrong and completely fixed my form. No more knee pain!”

Steve P.

“It’s great to have a professional coach providing feedback on every rep. My technique has improved greatly and after 2 months on the program, I am getting stronger each session. I am also pleasantly surprised with my physique. Although I am eating more now that I’m training hard, my waist has gone down 2 inches. I definitely encourage others to come train at GN Strength & Conditioning.”

Phil W.

“I had been going to a fitness bootcamp for months, but I wasn’t really getting much out of it. I found Greg online and signed up for the free intro to strength training, where we worked out and talked about the importance of barbell training for overall strength and health. I decided to give it a try, and 4 weeks in I’ve gotten much stronger, and I’m already seeing changes to my body. I’m glad I found this place!”

Rebecca C.